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This is not only more practical and more fun, it's also safer! Imagine not being able to understand safety instructions at five thousand meters on a cold night in a language you (or the guide) don't speak! 

This is not only more fun and convenient, it is also safer! Try understanding safety instructions in the cold night at 5,000 meters in a language you (or they!) don't speak well!



Since 2012 we have guided hundreds of customers from these countries:

  1. Impeccable safety record/high success rate
  2. Personalized treatment that guarantees a better experience
  3. Safety equipment from the best brands on the market
  4. Gourmet food, premium transportation and super comfortable campsites


AdvenCulture is an adventure tourism company with a cultural and motivational vocation.

We offer creative, effective personal development programs to train people’s leadership skills.

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development programs

Leadership and Mountain

It is a Leadership training for companies, with an experiential approach in a challenging environment: the mountain.

We believe that nature confronts us with all sorts of challenges, and inspire us to be leaders. Getting people out of their comfort zone, and having them experience physical sensations such as cold, thirst or oxygen scarcity strengthen the intensity of our learning.

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