Nevado de Colima

Night ascent to witness the sunrise is available

Expedition to the Nevado de Colima

  • Duration: 2 or 3 days
  • Altitude: 4,280 meters (14,042 feet)
  • Vertical gain: 900 meters (2,952 feet)
  • Total distance: 6 kilometers (3.7 miles)
  • Total time: 6 hours (ascent 4, descent 2)
  • Terrain: Easy
  • Three hours of aerobic exercise per week


The Nevado de Colima or Zapotépetl is a 4,280 meter volcano situated in the State of Jalisco, two hours away from Guadalajara, and less than one hour from Ciudad Guzmán.

The Zapotépetl is neighbour to the Volcán de Fuego or Tonaltépetl (3,600 meters), which is currently active.

From Guadalajara we take the 54D toll highway towards Colima. At Ciudad Guzmán we take the road to Autlán. We drive up a dirt road to the entrance to the Park, where we register. We overnight at the huts belonging to the Code (Centro de Alto Rendimiento), at 3,700 meters. This will help our acclimatization process.

We start from a spot called La Joya, and hike up through a forest. At 4,000 meters, the trees disappear, and we climb up a scree slope, until we run into an imposing massif, which I find similar to the silhouette of the Cervino.

We leave the massif to our right, climb a semi-technical 5-meter wall, and reach the summit ridge. Twenty minutes later, we are at the highest point of Jalisco!

On a clear day, from the summit we will have a spectacular view of the active Volcán de Fuego, which is only five kilometers away. The descent is usually done following the ascent route.

This tour is suitable for anyone with an average physical condition, for example, someone who exercises two hours per week. The terrain is technically simple. The whole trek takes between six and seven hours, depending on our fitness level. The ascent takes about three and a half hours, the descent only ninety minutes.


Odd facts

Despite its name, the Nevado de Colima is in the state of Jalisco, and not in the neighboring state of Colima. It is also not usually covered with snow, so its name is doubly misleading.

One Day Equipment

  • Dryfit underwear
  • Trekking boots or sports shoes and socks
  • Warm pants and jacket (polartech type)
  • Polartech-like pants and jacket
  • Goretex or similar pants and jacket
  • Winter and sun hats
  • Bandana or Buff (optional)
  • Helmet (provided by AdvenCulture)
  • Crampons (provided by AdvenCulture if needed)
  • Walking poles (can be rented from AdvenCulture)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun & lip screen
  • 2 liters of water or sports drink
  • Medium-size backpack (30 l)
  • Your favorite snacks (for instance, sandwiches, chocolate, dried fruits, protein bars, cookies, etc)
2 Days
Normal Route
4 0 Mts
Altitude (14,042 ft)
0 Hrs
Total Time
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Total Distance
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