Large international expeditions

 Recently we had the opportunity to guide an expedition to the Citlaltépetl for a large group of French alpinists.


Large international expeditions require careful preparation. 


These are some of the aspects we meticulously care about at AdvenCulture:



-We make sure our customers have the necessary level of fitness and adequate equipment for the climb.



-We inform our clients well in advance of the itinerary, the proposed menu and the weather forecast.



-We lead a acclimatisation trek, with the double goal of improving their response to altitude, and of assessing their physical condition, in order to group them in the best possible teams for summit day.



-We keep regular contact by radio between the teams and the base camp, so that we can quickly react to any situation.



-We employ guides with the necessary experience and linguistic skills; for instance, in this past expedition, all three guides were trilingual.



The result was excellent: six of our seven customers made the summit, after an exciting climb up the north face of the Pico de Orizaba.



Nous sommes très fiers de nos clients français dans le Pico de Orizaba!


Nous sommes spécialisés en expeditions de haute montagne au Méxique avec des étrangers. Nos guides parlent six langues européennes.