Our Russian Adventure

Moscú is the largest city in Europe, with almost 11 millon people. It takes its name from the Moskva River, and it was founded in 1,147.


This trip can be done as a continuation of the Elbrus expedition, or as entirely separate tour.

These are some of the places we will visit in the capital:

The Kremlin and the Red Square

The word Kremlin was used to refer to the government of the former Soviet Union. It is the official residence of the president of the Russian Federation. It contains a compound with four cathedrals and several museums, such as the Armory and the Applied Arts.


Saint Vasily Cathedral

Quizás la iglesia más famosa de Rusia, y una de las más reconocidas en el mundo entero. Se halla ubicada en la Plaza Roja, Patrimonio de la Humanidad según la UNESCO.

The Metro of Moscú

Build during the thirties of last century, some of the stations are authentic art masterpieces, making it a real underground museum, used daily by millions of Muscovites.


The Pushkin Museum

This is the second largest European art Museum in the country, and it is particularly famous for its French Impressionism collection.


Gorki Park

It real name is Park of the Culture and the Leisure. It is located along the Moskva River, two kilometers away from the Red Square. It is dedicated to Soviet writer Maxim Gorki.


Saint Petersburg, City of the Tsars Ciudad de los Zares

Peterhof Palace

This palace is the former summer residence of the Tsars, and it is accessed by boat. We will visit its impressive displays: the Grand Cascade, Samson Fountain, the Lower Gardens and the Grand Palace.


Ethnografic Museum

A magnificent collection about the life and culture of the numerous ethnic groups that made up the former Soviet Union: statues, national costumes, crafts, embroidery, paintings, etc. You will be impressed!


Church of the Spilled Blood

This temple was built exactly where Tsar Alexander II was killed, thus its name. It is a fascinating church, with exquisite architecture and colorful decoration.


Hermitage Museum

One of world’s most prestigious museum, visited by almost three million people every year. It was the winter residence of the Tsars, and is made of six buildings. Its collection boasts more than three million pieces, and stretches from classical antiques to painting and sculptures from Western Europe, oriental art, archeological treasures, Russian art, jewelry and weapons. Its impressionist collection is considered one of the best in the world.

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