Team building programs in the nature

This is the perfect time of the year to do a team building experience in the nature with AdvenCulture..

Close 2021 in style, or begin 2022 like a champ!

Whether you want to develop new skills, or you want to build a stronger team, this is the program for you.

Why we do it in the nature?

-They are safer (Covid-wise)

-People love them (100% in our recent poll!!!)

-Cell phones don't work

-You get to exercise and to breath fresh air

-You are out of your comfort zone

-They are a lot more fun than sitting in your office


Pachi Navajas, Director, AdvenCulture

AdvenCulture is a company specialized in Mountaineering, Culture and Leadership. We organize expeditions in Mexico, the Alps, the Andes, the Caucasus and other wonderful places on the planet.