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Description of the Program/Itinerary

“Leadership and Mountain”

Programa Corporativo "Liderazgo y Montaña" de Advenculture

Description of the Program/Itinerary:

This program takes place in a fantastic natural spot: the La Malinche volcano, situated in the State of Tlaxcala, less than one hour away form Puebla, and two and a half hours away from Mexico City.


This is the calendar of activities proposed for a typical one weekend program:


7.30hs - We leave Mexico City.

13hs - Lunch at the City of Tlaxcala.

14hs - Visit the famous murals of the Palacio de Gobierno.

17hs - Arrival to the Centro Vacacional La Malinche, light trek in the forest.

19hs - Dinner.

20.30hs - Motivational Conference.

Depending on the program, the speaker can be Eduardo Strauch (Exit), Ignacio Anaya (Everest), or Ricardo Peña (Aconcagua). In the case of the “Pico de Orizaba”, we will see the movie “Alive”, and will discuss it at its conclusion.



8hs - Breakfast at the restaurant of the Centro Vacacional.

9hs -18hs - Ascent to the Malinche o Matlalcueyetl (4,440 m), combined with team work, motivation and leadership exercises.

18hs - Group dinner at the Centro Vacacional y wrap up.

21hs - Arrival at Mexico City.


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