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“Leadership and Mountain”


What is Leadership & Mountain?

-It is a Leadership training for companies, with an experiential approach in a challenging environment: the mountain.

Why on a mountain?

-We believe that nature confronts us with all sorts of challenges, and inspire us to be leaders. Getting people out of their comfort zone, and having them experience physical sensations such as cold, thirst or oxygen scarcity strengthen the intensity of our learning.


Why is it experiential?

-According to Glasser’s Learning Pyramid, we only remember 10 % of what we read, or 20% of what we hear. We will remember, instead, up to 80% of what we do. Our approach is totally experiential !!!

Why is it motivational?

-These programs are based on real life extreme experiences that took place on the mountain, which motivate us to get the most out of ourselves. The courses are often attended by the survivors themselves. Because our emotions run high, we reinforce the impact of the learning during the courses.


What are the benefits of Leadership & Mountain?

-From these experiences we come out more motivated and inspired to lead. We strengthen our team spirit and boost our creativity.

-We design regular follow up sessions to work on the commitments made during the program.


"Climbing Iztaccíhuatl with Eduardo Strauch is one of the best memories I will take with me from Mexico. His Amazing experiencie, narrated in person to a small group of participants, transported us to the Valley of the Tears in the Andes, where the accident took place, and to his unique survival story. Pachi was attentive to the needs and condition of each participant, making the climb accesible to virtually everybody. I recommend it to every one".

José Francisco Cobos (former Chancellor of the Embassy of Spain in Mexico)


We offer two basic programs:

"Exit (Alive)": based on the “Alive” experience, and presented by one of its 16 survivors, Eduardo Strauch Urioste (author of “From the Silence”).

"The Great Escape": presented by the alpinist and explorer Pachi Navajas, Director and Founder of AdvenCulture, and his team.


See here a description of the Program/Itinerary