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Equipment list for Mount Elbrus


  • •  Plastic Double boots (or equivalent).
    •  Trail running shoes.
    •  Sock Liners.
    •  Wool or synthetic thick mountaineering socks.
    •  Gaiters.
    •  Lightweight underwear, tops and bottom.
    •  Expedition weight underwear, tops and bottom.
    •  Shorts.
    •  T-shirts.
    •  Insulating layers, i.e. fleece vest and fleece jacket.
    •  Fleece pants or wind proof climbing pants.
    •  Pants windproof, waterproof and breathable (preferably Gore Tex).
    •  Gore Tex parka.
    •  Balaclava.
    •  Sun Hat.
    •  Mountaineering gloves.
    •  Glacier Glasses or sunglasses with side shields.
    •  Storm Goggles.
    •  Clothes for wearing off the mountain (4 days).


Climbing Gear:

  • •  Mountaineering Ice Axe.
    •  Crampons.
    •  Trekking Poles.


Camping Gear:

  • •  Head lamp and replacement batteries.
    •  Sunscreen and Lip balm (SPF 30 as a minimum).
    •  First Aid Kit.
    •  Reading material, and/or small portable chess set.
    •  Camera and extra battery.
    •  Backpack (8¡50 litres minimum).
    •  Duffel bags (with locks).
    •  2 One-litter wide mouth water bottles-VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure to bring bottles for our hikes above base camp).
    •  Toothbrush/toothpaste and toiletries, including hand sanitizer.
    •  Sleeping bag rated –5º C or lower.