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Expedition to the Nevado de Colima

Date: April 3, 2018 Author: FranciscoNavajas Category: Expeditions Mexican Volcanoes News Comments: 0

When: May 19 th & 20th , 2018

Meeting point: Guadalajara International Airport, Jalisco

Cost: $7,000 mxn

Don’t you feel the thrill to climb a mountain for the first time, to explore a place you have never been to?

Variety is one of the basic human needs! If you have already climbed some or all of the main Mexican volcanoes, today we offer you the opportunity to get to know a new mountain and to reach its summit.


The Nevado de Colima or Zapotépetl, 4,280m, is in the State of Jalisco, less than an hour from Ciudad Guzmán, and about two hours away from Guadalajara.

This mountain is also perfect to get started in alpinism; the terrain is easy, and its normal route can be done in less than six hours, with a vertical difference of 900 meters.

One attractive feature is the Volcán de Fuego or Tonaltépetl (3,600m), an active volcano that you can see from the summit of Zapotépetl . This “Fire Volcano” is active, and throws out occasionally impressive columns of smoke.


About the turistic landmarks of the region, we will be close to Ciudad Guzmán, where the famous Mexican writer Juan José Arreola was born, and not far from Comala, Pueblo Mágico, in the neighbor State of Colima.

You can find further information and pictures here.

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