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Climb with the Survivor

Date: March 18, 2016 Author: FranciscoNavajas Category: Expeditions News Tags: , , , , , , Comments: 0

Alive México 2016


Do you want to learn how to get the best out of yourself to overcome the challenges of life? Wouldn’t you love to learn the secrets of the most famous survival story of the twentieth century?


AdvenCulture will offer on May 14th & 15th 2016 one of the most exciting leadership & adventure programs of the Americas: “Climb with the Survivor”.


At AdvenCulture we believe that the mountain is a great master, and hence our programs take place in the nature. This particular experience will be held at the beautiful La Malinche (4,440m) volcano, situated in the State of Tlaxcala, less than three hours away from Mexico City.


In this amazing adventure we will have the privilege to liase with Eduardo Strauch Urioste, author of the book “From the Silence”, speaker at Great Place to Work, and talented  architect & artist.


The program starts with a moving conference about the 1972 odyssey endured by a young amateur rugby team from Uruguay, known worldwide as “Alive”.


On the second day, participants have the opportunity to accompany our speaker on his way to the summit of La Malinche. You will be inspired by his unique experience.


If you want to be part of this adventure, book now!!!

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