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Aconcagua ll

Date: October 9, 2015 Author: FranciscoNavajas Category: Expeditions Tags: , , , , , , , , Comments: 0

A medical organization at the service of the alpinists at Aconcagua.

For decades, thousands of alpinists are drawn to Aconcagua every year. For most of them, it is the highest peak they have so far attempted, since most countries do not have mountains higher than 5,000 meters.

This expedition is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the great sieges of 7,000 meter peaks, as it requires a logistic effort similar to those of Himalayan expeditions.


Just as we would do if we were in Nepal on our way to an eigh-thousander, the adventure begins with a three-day acclimatization trek, which takes us from the park entrance to the 4,000 meter plateaux of either base camp (Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Argentina). This trek is done at leisure, with very light weight, since there is a mule transport service that carries all of our equipment.

The goal is to give our bodies the opportunity to adapt progressively to altitude.


There is another interesting aspect of this Andean adventure: upon arrival to base camp, all alpinists must undergo a medical checkup. The doctor will measure our pressure, heart rate and our response to altitude. Before departing for the high camps, we will all undergo a second checkup. Hopefully, the doctor will declare us fit and give us the green light. He could also ask us to spend a couple of extra days in base camp. Exceptionally, he could arrange an evacuation by helicopter, only if our condition has worsened throughout the days.


We feel that this safety procedure at Aconcagua has spared us plenty of accident and deaths over the years.

You will find more information and pictures here.


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